Servette Rugby Club de Genève

Press release - Update on the Association Geneva Rugby Club Servette

Geneva, May 26th 2014



As already communicated by certain media outlets, the project of the Association Servette Rugby Club de Genève (Servette Rugby Club) is moving forward. Our club was made a member of the Association Cantonale Genevoise de Rugby (ACGR) and the Fédération Suisse de Rugby (FSR) during their respective General Assemblies and has been given the authorization to join the French championship in the Comité du Lyonnais by the Fédération Française de Rugby.

The Committee is headed by three founding members (Hugh Quennec, President; Alain Studer and Didier Fischer, Vice Presidents). The Committee is supported by Marc Bouchet (Clubs & Rugby Unions Relations), Aymeric Pont (Administration) and Yves Borter (Partnerships).

Servette Rugby Club aspires to provide a showcase for this popular sport in Switzerland, notably within Greater Geneva, where rugby currently draws much interest and has a strong growth potential. 

To achieve its objectives, Servette Rugby Club will concentrate on two core missions, come summer 2014:

  • The creation of a specific studies program for children, young adults, referees and coaches in a centre for sport-studies, committing to educating children and young adults (14 to 20 years old) under the leadership of professional coaches; with the development of a talented base of players, the quality of regional teams as well as that of the Swiss National team will increase.
  • The establishment of a competitive first team that will only compete in the French championship.

Inherent in rugby, the values of fair play, respect for your opponents and for the referee, are at the heart of this project. The Sport for Life Foundation will be a partner of Servette Rugby Club and implement the “Certified Sport for Life” program.

Evidently, the Servette Rugby Club project is being created in its native location, Greater Geneva. Coupled with a partnership set in motion with the Association Cantonale Genevoise de Rugby and its president Gervais Clark, promising contacts confirm the significant benefits this project will provide to both regional and national rugby in Switzerland.

In parallel, Sébastien Chabal, recently retired professional rugby player, is close to Servette Rugby Club through his friendship with the club’s founders. A partnership with the Lyon Olympic University (LOU) is currently being discussed. Such a partnership would allow for player exchanges and would capitalize on the skills and experience of the LOU.

Additionally, the Stade de Genève will host the first team of Servette Rugby Club. The stadium is a crucial asset to attracting rugby fans throughout the region of Greater Geneva and offers the perfect platform for Servette Rugby Club to unify rugby players and fans in the region.

The key element in the advancement of the Servette Rugby Club launch project is to complete the financing of a budget forecasted to be 600’000 CHF per annum for the first three years. The search for partners, sponsors and patrons will remain ongoing.

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