Servette Rugby Club de Genève

Jonathan Torossian: Keep working hard

Servette Rugby Club de Genève’s inside center Jonathan Torossian shared his first impressions, after securing wins in the opening two games of the season.

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Above all, Jonathan emphasized how happy he was with how the team performed: “We could not have hoped for a better start. We did not know much about our opponents, which made it tough for us to gauge our true potential and where exactly we stood. We played against teams that had different sets of qualities, that were motivated to play against us, and that forced us to put into practice what had been worked on in training.” Diligence, hard work and discipline were at the forefront of these successes.

Despite the dichotomy between the tries scored by Servette Rugby Club and the points bagged by their opponents, the first fifteen minutes of play always present a challenge, according to Jonathan: “The teams we play against give it their all. They fight for every ball and show tremendous amounts of will.” Better trained and with superior technical skills, Servette then springs to life. “After one or two plays, we awake”, continues Geneva’s number ten, “the we start to show what we are truly capable of, especially in the second half of the game.”

Servette Rugby Club de Genève is made up of players from very different backgrounds that show strength in unity. “There are youngsters and more experienced players in our ranks. The interactions are fantastic, which is fundamental. We were privileged to get to know each other and bond with one another during our pre-season offsite in Torgon. We love spending time together – at each practice, during every game. We are definitely looking forward to our next game together on the 19 October at the Stade de Genève against RC Pondinois. To make it to the next level, we have to keep working hard and keep improving. Teamwork is paramount.”