Servette Rugby Club de Genève

Holding it all together

Every rugby club counts on a wholehearted individual to manage the wellbeing and everyday functioning of its first team.

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Gérald Barbier

Looking after transportation logistics, as well as the health and happiness of players are jobs that are often taken for granted. Servette Rugby Club de Genève are fortunate to count on a quiet, but invaluable man that tends to the team unconditionally.

Happily married, Gérald Barbier was born April 1954 in Bellegarde Sur Valserine. By all accounts, he epitomizes the rugby fanatic. With 47 years of his life having been spent on or around the rugby pitch, it is fair to say that he has seen it all. Within Servette Rugby Club de Genève, Gérald ensures that relationships are built with rugby clubs of all stature and that the first team can train, bond and play in the best conditions possible.

Thinking back to his extensive rugby career, Gérald is proud to highlight some wonderful accomplishments – notably winning the French Group B Championship title for RC Rumilly alongside Didier Cavoret (Servette Rugby Club de Genève’s current coach). Yet it is the unforgettable moments and discussions he has shared with others that are passionate about the sport that he looks back to most gleefully.

As time will pass, Gérald sees Servette Rugby Club de Genève quickly move up the ranks: “The players are talented, driven and hungry for success. They are also being supported by a structured club.” He is confident that the traditions and values of rugby will trickle down to the younger generation, inspiring for the better.

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