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Thomas Douvegheant : Interview Time

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Thomas Douvegheant (Centre)

1. Which is your favourite cuisine?

“I like everything! As long as it is prepared with love, however, I do have a weakness for big feasts organized with the lads accompanied by a good glass of red wine.”

2. Why do people call you “Badou”?

“It’s a very long story that dates back to when I was in Bourgoin (France). The word was created by our group of friends at the time and it basically means a good friend. (Laughs) The complete explanation gets far too long and complicated so I’ll keep it at that.”

3. What is your favourite move/action in rugby? (sidestep, clearing out rucks etc…)

“I am hesitating a little but I have to admit that a huge hit where your opposition explodes is something that I enjoy a lot!”

4. Do you have any holiday plans during the pause in trainings?

“I am going to take this break in rugby trainings to travel with my family, rest, eat well and above all spend time with my two sons. Not to forget, I will begin the physical preparation for next season (just in case the coaches read this interview) (Laughs).”

5. If you could go to any rugby game in the world, past or future, which game would you choose?

“There are many games to choose from but I would love to see Servette Rugby Club play their first ever professional game. This might take a while but hopefully, the professional players will invite us old boys to the game.” (Laughs)

6. (Question from Johan Vieille – SRC player) Thomas Douvegheant: “Apart from your unbelievable vocal chords, do you have any other hidden talents?”

“Yes, I do have two or three other hidden talents, however, everyone will have to be present this season to find out!”

7. Who would you like to see complete this questionnaire next (Servette RC player) and what question would you like to ask him?

Aurélien Thuilot a.k.a Tintin: “Zinc, what is going on with your haircut?”


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