Servette Rugby Club de Genève

Servette Rugby Club de Genève end the year with a win

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Victoire au Stade de Genève avec James Ryan: ancien All Black

Servette Rugby Club de Genève triumphed over last year's Quatrième Série French Champion RC Pilat on the impressive score of 113 to 6. The team could not have hoped for a better start, in its first home game of the Troisième Série.

Inside center, Thomas Douvegheant was eager to congratulate his teammates who put on a remarkable performance despite tough weather conditions. “The oppositions’ defence was fierce and tough to break down at first. I am pleased that we were able kept our calm and put together a winning strategy. We noticed that their defence began to show gaps, and we did our best to capitalize on these.” The Servettiens found themselves leading 12 – 3 after the first 15 minutes of play. 

The exceptional presence of James Ryan, former second row of the All Blacks, surely galvanized the boys who yielded their most thrilling victory yet, according to coach Didier Cavoret.

Roughly 350 fans made their way to the Stade de Genève to cheer the Grenat onwards, despite heavy rains. The chants echoing from the stands undoubtedly contributed to the quality of game, which was played on a surface in very good condition.

This eighth consecutive victory will allow the team to go into the break in good spirits. We look forward to welcoming everyone back on 11 January 2015 at the Stade de Genève for our next game against RC St Amour Coligny.

We wish you happy holidays and thank you once more for your incredible support.

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