Servette Rugby Club de Genève

Servette Rugby Club de Genève couldn’t have asked for a better start.

A win to start the 10th division Lyon County Championship

Victoire à Roche la Molière Victoire à Roche la Molière

After finishing undefeated and top of their table in the first phase of the competition, Servette Rugby Club de Genève traveled to Roche la Molière to play their first game in the 10th division Lyon County Championship . The team clenched victory with style and conviction, scoring 74 points while only conceding 7.

The “Grenat” scrum half Jonathan Torrossian felt that the team had a solid performance: “The boys upfront played hard and made sure that I had quick ball. In turn, the opposing team began to tire and this created gaps we were able to take advantage of.” The Servettiens found themselves leading 53 – 0 after an entertaining first half.

This victory - which notably saw our team score 12 tries without having to deplore any injury at all - bodes well for the team led by Didier Cavoret.

We expect our "Grenat" to meet the challenge up against them next Sunday, 14 December at 3pm at the Stade de Genève against RC du Pilat. In this encounter, they will go head to head with the last year's champion of 11th division.

We look forward to your many encouragements! As always, Servette Rugby Club de Genève is counting on your support!

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