Servette Rugby Club de Genève

Sébastien Sasso addresses the manor he plans to restart the Servette engines

Sébastien Sasso

Sébastien Sasso is satisfied of the team’s performances last year: "We wanted to be promoted to the 10 division at all costs and that is what we managed to do – so this is great start for us. The two-week break for the New Year has allowed us to recover and now we’re ready to attack the second part of the season.”

Sébastien does not neglect the efforts that the players will have to provide in order to return to the championship in the best conditions possible: "With the aftermath of the festivities, we have to be very serious and work hard. We always make sure to approach every game with a lot focus and intent.”

He reminds us that 2015 will be a special year: "We'll have to stay focused on the targets we had set: remaining undefeated and finish first of our respective championship. The goal is of course to fight for the Lyon County Championship title and thus attain our first official trophy for the club. In addition, this would allow us to start in the sixteenth of finals of the National French Championship of the 10th division, which would be a fantastic adventure.”

Sébastien Sasso finally invites all fans to meet on January 11th to cheer on the team: " We must offer the fans an exciting rugby and ensure that everyone enjoys themselves!”

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