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Press Release - Lyon County Champions of the 10th division, Servette Rugby Club de Genève hopes to claim their first National French title

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Champion du Lyonnais 3ème série (Servette RC)

Geneva, 5th of May 2015

Servette Rugby Club de Genève (SRCG) was crowned Lyon County Champions 2015 of the 10th division by claiming a well-deserved victory in the final over St Amour Coligny (47-0) in Villefranche-sur-Saône, France. The club started its season in the 11th division and had been promoted to the superior division on November 16th 2014.

Servette Rugby Club de Genève remains undefeated on a series of 16 consecutive wins during their first official season in the French Championship. SRCG also defeated the current Swiss champions, Zurich Rugby Club (15-12), for their first match at the Geneva Rugby Cup on August 8th 2014.

Servette Rugby Club team are now getting ready for the final stages of the National French Championship that begins in the 1/16th of finals against RC Varacieux, Champions of the Alpes region on May 17th. The final phases are all knockout games that regroup all the regional champions of France of the 10th division.

The objective now is to play for the National French Championship of the 10th division. If the team manages to claim this title, they become the first Swiss club to have ever won this championship. 

About us:

The Servette Rugby Club, founded February 3rd 2014, wishes to develop a rugby sports-studies program to support existing clubs in the area. This way the club can offer the young players from Switzerland and Greater Geneva a structured and ambitious sporting project that would help produce players for the Swiss national rugby team. By playing in the French Rugby Championship, the club aims to offer young Swiss players access to one of Europe’s best championships.

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