Servette Rugby Club de Genève

Our guiding partner

Servette Rugby Club de Genève is lucky to have someone of this calibre overlooking the clubs general management.

(SRC) 9.11.2014 , portrait officiel Servette RC Genève photo Eric Lafargue M. Marc Bouchet

Handling the general management of a rugby club is a position that requires a great deal of serenity. Servette Rugby can count on the careful supervising of an individual who was the Vice-Président of the Swiss Rugby Federation and is now President of Swiss Barbarians. “I am keen to bring my past experience to the table and guide this project forward.”

Born in the French region of Pau, Marc Bouchet is quite the rugby connoisseur.

Marc’s rugby carreer extends back to 1989 when he played for Plain-les-Ouates with Alain Studer (Servette Rugby Club de Genève’s current Sports Director). He is proud to highlight some wonderful accomplishments – particularly winning the Swiss Rugby Championship with Hermance RC.

As the club continues to find its bearings Marc steps back and underlines the clubs accomplishments so far: “We’re proud to have achieved our first objective, finishing first of the 11th division Lyon County group stages. We now set our sights on our next objective, which is to win and bring home the Lyon County Championship Shield”. 

Marc Bouchet wishes to thank the entire rugby management staff as well as our Servette Football Club and Genève Sport colleagues for their hard work and dedication.