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Servette Rugby Club de Genève is proud to announce that the first team has been promoted to the 10th Division of the French Rugby League, after finishing top of its respective autumn pool. This sporting success rewards the great foundations that are being put in place, as the club aspires to rise through the divisions with outstanding people continuing to play their part.

The team is now competing for the Lyon County championship, having been placed in a pool of six teams with 10 games to play. The team is set on clenching first place in this championship, which would enable the club to be promoted to the 9th division and play in the sixteenth finals for the national French 10th division title.

First Team Coach Didier Cavoret was quick to congratulate his team for their tremendous accomplishments. “Through hard work and determination, they have proved their belief in the project, he states. We must keep this momentum going, as the road ahead of us is still long." Whether it is on or off the field, Servette Rugby Club de Genève owes much to its supporters and partners, who have eagerly championed the project since its inception.

With the club gradually rising through the ranks, it wishes for its academy to take on a new dimension. “Building a strong junior development program that can one day see youth players make it to the top level is a priority for us,” claims Jonathan Torrossian, head of formation. “We will place tremendous importance on values such as teamwork and respect, that manifest themselves on the playing field and in other aspects of life.”

In the long run, Sporting Director Alain Studer expects the club to become a regional hub for rugby in Greater Geneva, feeding into the Swiss National Rugby Team and federating existing structures. “It is important to congratulate the team, the coaches, and everyone in our organization for this superb first accomplishment, he insists. It is a remarkable first step and we are eager to keep the momentum going. We hope to share more special moments and sporting success with our avid supporters soon.” And this all starts with the next phase of competition, which will notably see Servette Rugby Club de Genève face off at the Stade de Genève again, on 14 December 2014.

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