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Maxime Casuso: Interview Time

The Servette prop/hooker answers a quick series of fun questions.

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Maxime Casuso (Hooker)

1. Which is your favourite cuisine?

“I would have to say my grandmother’s cuisine. A tasty beef wellington with fresh vegetables from her garden is always welcome.”

2. What do you enjoy doing outside of rugby?

“I enjoy all sports in general, playing video games and from time to time I also like to read.”

3. What is your favourite move/action in rugby? (sidestep, clearing out rucks etc…)

"I started playing rugby because I love to tackle. I think that a big tackle in a game can motivate the team just as much as scoring a try.”

4. If you could go to any rugby game in the world, past or future, which game would you choose?

“I would definitely want to watch a National French Championship final from back in the day, when there were fewer rules because it must have really felt like war on the pitch.”

5. (Last weeks question from Jérémy Batigne – SRC player) “Where does the hydraulic force in your neck come from?”

“My neck is nothing in comparison to Jérémy Batigne’s bull like neck. Otherwise it might be from all the wood I used to cut when I was younger…(laughs)”

6. Who would you like to see complete this questionnaire next (Servette RC player) and what question would you like to ask him?

Yohan Vieille: “When will you hire me?...(laughs)"


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