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Jonathan Bei : Interview Time

The Servette fullback answers a quick series of fun questions.

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Jonathan Bei (Fullback - SRC)

1. You have a German Shepherd, what is her name and what type of character does she have ?

Her name is Fitou and she is as crazy as her owner..

2. Why do people call you « Fitou » ?

They call me Fitou because this one time in Chambéry (FR), I ended up bringing my dog into a night club and the name stuck afterwards. 

3. What does one find in your fridge ?

A beautiful piece of meat and a chilled bottle of rosé…(laughs)

4. What is your favourite move/action in rugby? (sidestep, clearing out rucks etc…)

Tackling is my favourtie part of rugby as a game cannot be won without a solid defense.

5. If you could go to any rugby game in the world, past or future, which game would you choose?

I would have two matches in mind. The victory with Chambéry in 2012 (Fédéral 2, 4th division) where we became National French Champions and potentially becoming National French Champions with the Servette Rugby Club in June.

6. Who would you like to see complete this questionnaire next (Servette RC player) and what question would you like to ask him?

Jonathan Torossian. How is a good-looking guy like you still single ? (laughs)


Next game Servette Rugby Club de Genève travel to Stade de l'Escale to face RC St. Amour Coligny in the Lyon County Final on the 25th of April 2015 at 3 pm.

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