Servette Rugby Club de Genève

Johan Vieille: Interview Time

(SRC) 9.11.2014 , portrait officiel Servette RC Genève photo Eric Lafargue Zoom « (SRC) 9.11.2014 , portrait officiel Servette RC Genève photo Eric Lafargue (ESC key to close)
Johan Vieille (SRC)

1. Which is your favourite cuisine?

“My mother’s cuisine that always reminds me of home. Whenever my mother cooks we always seem to have a great time around the dinner table.”

2. What does one find in your fridge?

“Some « Parfait » pâté and eventually some Cenevis.”

3. What is your favourite move/action in rugby? (sidestep, clearing out rucks etc…)

“My favourite action in rugby is the support play, as for example clearing out a ruck or pushing in a moal. This part of the game highlights the « back-up and help you » attitudes of your teammates.”

 4. If you could go to any rugby game in the world, past or future, which game would you choose?

“It would have to say the Final of the National French Championship because it is the sum of a whole season worth efforts, which will be held on the 21st of June.”

5. (Last weeks question from Maxime Casuso – SRC player) “When will you hire me?...(laughs).”

“As I have previously said, I am looking for a good plasterboard man!!” (laughs)

6. Who would you like to see complete this questionnaire next (Servette RC player) and what question would you like to ask him?

Thomas Douvegheant: “Apart from your unbelievable vocal chords, do you have any other hidden talents?”


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