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Jérémy Batigne - Interview Time

The Servette prop/hooker answers a quick series of fun questions.

Jérémy Batigne (Pilier - SRC) Zoom « Jérémy Batigne (Pilier - SRC) (ESC key to close)
Jérémy Batigne (Pilier - SRC)

1. Which is your favourite cuisine?

“Being from the Alps I enjoy the dauphinoise potatoes and cuisine from the Savoyard region. Not going to lie though, I don’t mind a bit of sushi from time to time!”

2. Do you have a passion a part from rugby?

“I love skiing and all mountain based sports. I enjoy being up in the mountains.”

3. What is your favourite move/action in rugby? (sidestep, clearing out rucks etc…)

“This will not come as a surprise to anyone since I am a front rower, however, my favorite actions in rugby are the scrums and the line-outs. It's a part of the game that requires a lot of concentration and technique.”

4. If you could go to any rugby game in the world, past or future, which game would you choose?

“The final of World Cup 2011, New Zealand - France in order to change the referee (laughs). Another interesting match would be the final on 21st of June 2015 of the National French Championship, which I would love to play with the Servette Rugby Club!”

5. (Last weeks question from Jonathan Torossian – SRC player) « Where does your passion for complaining all the time come from? »

"I remember a movie in which I saw Jean Gabin say: "The bottom line is complaining. It shows the good in you." I have also researched a lot on the subject and several studies show that complaining is good for health. Therefore, I do not deprive myself of this pleasure, even if it sometimes can get a bit too much for my teammates and/or family...(laughs)"

6. Who would you like to see complete this questionnaire next (Servette RC player) and what question would you like to ask him?

Max Casuso: “Where does the hydraulic force in your neck come from?”