Servette Rugby Club de Genève

Interview : Tommaso Volta – Player and captain of Rugby Genevois Servette U16

Club of origin: Hermance RC – Date of birth: 11 janvier 2000 (15 yrs) Nationality: Italian

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Tommaso Volta (Capitain SRC)

Who is your favourite player?

“My favourite player is Sergio Parisse, who is the captain of Italy. He is a natural leader who knows exactly how to motivate the team.”

How does it feel to be captain of the team?

“It’s a role that requires a lot of responsibility. A captain needs to lead the team on the pitch. More importantly he must be trusted and respected by all the players. I believe in my team.” 

Tomamaso Volta adds: “I would like to thank my mother for making me continue rugby when I felt like quitting. I also thank my father for introducing me to this great sport when we lived in Italy.”

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