Servette Rugby Club de Genève

Interview: Mehdi Porchet - Player for Rugby Genevois Servette U14

Club of origine : Cern/Meyrin – Date of birth : 20 January 2002 (13 yrs) – Nationality : Switzerland/Canada/Marocco

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Mehdi Porchet

During the matches in Belleville (FR) you were injured and supporting your team mates from touch – what does one notice from the sidelines?

“It is a great way to see which areas of our game we need to improve on. I noticed that the team played a lot more collectively than normal, however, I find that we are still not clinical enough.“

Who is your favourite player?

« My favourite player is Scott Spedding who is currently playing for Bayonne (TOP 14) because he is an individual who has had to work extremely hard to reach the level at which he is now.”

Where do you see your rugby career taking you in the future?

“My aim is to become a professional rugby player and in my opinion, Servette Rugby Club can become a stepping stone in achieving this goal.”

Mehdi adds: “I would like to thank my father for always supporting me and encouraging me to continue playing rugby. The Servette team has also invested a lot into their academy and for this I thank them.” 

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